Wedding Bouquet

Traditionally the wedding bouquet was a symbol of live florals. The brides bouquet is called a "Posy" They are considered classic. Although today brides choose what they prefer. The bridesmaid and flower girls bouquets tend to be smaller. Still the question is Why? Why does the bride carry a bouquet?

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"The practice of a bride carrying a bouquet dates back to the "Ancient Greeks and Romans, even Egyptians carried fragrant herbs and spices to ward off bag luck during the weddings. the flower symbolizes new beginning and brought

hopes of fertility, happiness and fidelity." Owens explains.

One of the funny stories I one of my wedding planners explained was that brides didn't bathe very often in antiquity and therefore tried to ward off their own smell during their wedding. That day I laughed at the reality of what I was going through planning my own day, I hope you laugh at my story The funny thing is no one really know some of the reason why we do what we do for weddings, that's why it is so important a bride knows what she believes in.

The cost of a brides bouquet can $65 -255.00 plus. Depending on the florals, season, and style. This will depend on the taste of the bride. The truth is that there are many things that cost more this is particularly truth when it comes to florals. The pricing can vary a great deal, depending on the location of the wedding and the florist.

I list some ways you can know where to use what kinds of flowers in my YouTube Vlog. Maria Kamon Vlogs | MK Pure Diamond Events just click on the link.

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