Weddings Trends In 2021

I wish I could tell you I had all the answers to the question "What is a perfect wedding?' The answer is always in the couple getting married. The couple knows what the perfect wedding is for them.

What is a "Perfect Wedding" for MK Pure Diamond Events?

As a business I could tell you the truth. A perfect wedding for MK Pure Diamond Events is a few things.

  1. I make a business profit and can pay all my employees plus expense.

  2. I get the couple through the whole process, still in love with one another.

  3. The wedding and reception are implemented without major human emotions of tears and tantrums. With the principles of etiquette in place and people respect what is happening. Once all the formalities are over with and they feel the need to break all the etiquette rules. then that is on the couple, friends, and family.

'What is a "Civil Wedding"? It is where the Marriage Licenses and Ceremony is don't in the courts. The Assesor/Recorder/County Clerk do the process of wedding planning. A license is required in all states that I know of. I also recommend that you do this first if you live in the United States and our planning to get married overseas.

Locally, you can go on-line with .gov office and fill out the forms and make an appointment for the ceremony.

Why do I recommend this to those having marriages out of the country? I would have to say. I heard a person once saying that you are always the place you grew up in. He was a Californian that moved out of State. You always know the rules and laws you grow up in. This is true in weddings as well. If you marry out of the country, your marriage is bound by the laws of the country you got married in. However, if your married in the state your met or grew up in your marriage is bound by the states laws. No one likes to think about this. Things happens, Divorce happens. Getting the legalities of a divorce out of the country is more expensive and time consuming than you might think.

Fairytale Weddings do they really exsist? Yes, they do and I would love to tell you they are costly expensive and over the top. The longer you are in this business the more one realizes that a "Fairytale Wedding" has different definitions. I believe you can have a fairytale wedding at different price points depending on the person's budget. During the "pandemic" I have seen weddings that were "Fairtale" in nature for the couple and still manage to not have the cost and all the expenses of a "venue" wedding. It totally changed my thinking of my definition of a Fairytale wedding.

"What is the average wedding cost?" The average cost of a wedding were I plan weddings is approximately 33-38,000 dollars. This price might be different where you live. It varies from state to state and out of the country weddings usually cost even more. Why? Due to travel expenses and housing expenses. You'll also have to get a feel if your guest expect you to play their experiences. This is an appropriate or etiquette thing to do if you are expecting them to attend.

What is different about planning since the pandemic or Covid 19? MK Pure Diamond Events is currently only doing on-line event planning. Allowing us to talk on-line with you and help you find the decor, and things you'll need for your wedding. Like on-line shopping we have the ability to walk you through each step of event planning. We have also started our on-line boutique where we can locate items for you and have them dropped shipped directly to you. That basically means we don't have all the storage problems. Keeping cost down. If you see an accessory you'd like of found one somewhere else we will try to find it for you. The consulting fees vary, however our website does off several different options including a membership where you can pay per consultation, monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Hope you enjoyed this blog. I'd love to hear what you think. Leave a comment or email me using the contact form provide. Til next time.

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