What Will 2021 Look Like

It is a scary thought to me that we will never know the depths of the impact Covid19 has had on the lives of Americans.

We won't know for many years to come. When this generation grows up and shares what they felt like as children, who experienced being forced out of school and parents who were forced to home school. Yes, I use the word forced due to the fact they didn't have a choice. It is a scary thought to think that every time a presidential election will cause this many problems upon our states. I asked myself. How would that affect meetings. Here are some things I have come up with. That may or may not help.

Business Meeting Space:

  1. Have hand sanitizer upon entrance and exit of meeting space.

  2. If using electrical equipment have something like "HighMark" Antibacterial Wet Wipes Although they may not be designed for the purpose of wiping down a computer, it works. I believe this would help people who have to use the same computer and our mentally worried of the "computer germs" Covid19.

  3. Business meetings are about both or many people being comfortable enough to do what is right, or best for the business, corporation, success. Get creative.

  4. Divide the work space if 2 people shared an office now 1 has an office alone, the other person can be at home office. Then on another day they can trade. Rotating the days. If this doesn't work for your business, they have the two employees see how they can work thing out.

  5. Board room: You have a board room design for 12 people and the speaker. Then have it so every other seat is filled. The other people are on a zoom meeting. Since most businesses have at least one meeting a month. You can plan this so the months are divided making it a way not to show partiality. Even months and odd month, if it is even month 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 the board members have to attend the meeting in person. This group attends meetings virtually on odd months. On odd months 1,3, 5, 7, 9, 11 have to attend meeting in person. This group attends the meetings attends virtual meetings on even months.

  6. During the Holiday's most businesses have some kind of party, you'll just have to work this out in a venue that is allowing table service, rather than in your corporation.

  7. Worried about food? There are many caterers, and food service programs that will be happy to serve your people.

MK Pure Diamond Events would be happy to consult with you for your next meeting. Book your appointment today. We charge a percentage of your budget for our services.

You can always remodel the model of what the workplace should look like.

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