Why Is The Answer Always Yes? (Before you ask the question.)

You think you know what your doing when you ask the most important question of you life. Do you? Does anyone really know what their doing? Is it a step in faith or getting to know the person?

There are some things that you should know about one another before you ask the question. You might just need to say "NO".

  1. Do you know each others spending habits?

  2. You are in a love relationship with one another. Do you understand what the word and the emotion of "love" means to the other person?

  3. How do you both think about children?

  4. What do you think of employment? Education?

  5. Do yu want to own a home? House?

6. What do you think about Relationships, Friendships, what do you think and feel about these things?

7. Sex and sexuality? Feelings, emotions, experience?

8. Do you understand the other person's needs? What life experiences they have had that has shaped their lives?

9. Communication, not all people communicate the same way. Have you developed the ability to communicate even when your feeling sad, tired, emotional?

10. What things do you enjoy doing together? Apart? What is agreement have you dome to about what is or isn''t appropriate for the both of you?

I realize these things might seem like they are trivial during the dating phase of life. However, they are the details of what make a relationship and what helps keep a marriage together. Before you say "Yes" to the question know and understand the person who is asking.

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