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Are you ready for the ever changing fast pace life of wedding planning? This ones for you DYI Brides and Grooms. The reason I am directing this one for all the DYI Brides and Grooms out there is due to the fact. Love can not be stopped! Therefore, your wedding shouldn't be delayed. Do what you need to do. Accomplish the goal of getting married this year this 2020 year.

I believe when there is a will there is a way. A way for you to stand before others and profess your love for one another. A way to allow your family and friends to be with you in such an important moment. There are professional photographers and videographers that can help you find the best location for the camera. As a wedding planner I understand the joy and happiness you are feeling. I also understand you don't want anyone to burst the happiness "bubble" you feel by cancelling or postponing your wedding. So don't. Allow one of the many apps available to help you have your out of town guest. From Zoom.

It could look something like this. What you should understand that no two weddings are alike and therefore you might want to figure out your needs before choosing the app for you event. Zoom has several different versions and therefore, its important to know how many people or guest you are inviting. There are also apps like Connect with Coworkers, Google Duo, Google Meet, GoToMeeting, JusTalk Video Chat & Messenger All these apps offer something different for the user.

Should you choose to hire a wedding planner, I'd appreciate it if you would consider MK Pure Diamond Events.

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